Hi! I'm Sarah!

That's me on the left . . . in shades.

And my wife, Valerie, on the right. We celebrated our 8 year wedding anniversary on July 13th. I never could have imagined finding love, let alone being able to marry her.

My story. . . I promise it’s a good one. 👇
I am originally from Las Vegas, NV, and when I was 16 my dad was laid off from his job of 21 years. It was too expensive for a one income family of six to live in Las Vegas anymore, so, after much consideration and deep discussion, my mom and dad decided we should move to my mom’s small hometown located in Anniston, Alabama.

  I grew up quite a bit, of course, after having a major cultural shock and teen angst episode for nearly 5 years. What can I say, I was a dramatic teenager!

After completing almost two years of college, living away from home, I no longer could live under my parents roof and needed to explore other options.

In 2002, at the age of 21, I bought a one-way ticket to go back to Vegas, with no plan, no money, no car, no job, and only a place to crash; with one thing in mind: I need to get away from Alabama.
I struggled because I was on the edge of my seat the whole time surviving, trying to figure out what my next move was. I only had two years of college experience, some retail experience, and a determination I really didn’t know I had.

I ended up getting a job within walking distance at McDonald’s. I felt like a failure but I made the best of it. I was determined to be better than my situation. My best friend’s step dad got me a used bike for Christmas as a way to help me get around. It was such a great gift. That gift pushed me to ride all over Las Vegas determined to find where I needed to be in order to be somebody other than a crew member at McDonald’s.

I got a sales job selling Cutco knives. On my bike, wearing all black, in the middle of Vegas’ 120-degree record-breaking summer. I peddled through rain without an umbrella and managed not to get hit by a car. Whew. I didn’t let that stop me.
To make a long story short, I ended up selling over $3500 worth of Cutco riding as far as 25 miles in one day to sell only a peeler, but receiving so much more. They sold me their car for $400. I would pay $150 down and $50 per month until I paid it off.

That paved the way for me to land a job with the state working as a WIC (Women Infants and Children) Clerk. The day of the interview I had to ride my bike 7 miles to get there and after the interview I had to ride my bike another 25 miles to pick up my car. I was completely honest with my interviewers about the situation, because it was required that I own a car in order to get the job. I wanted them to know I was getting it that day. Little did I know that that had impressed them.
I tell that story because a fire within me started that day. It is within you to go after your dreams to be better tomorrow than you were today.

I am passionate and driven with every client I help.

I help business owners AIM (achieve, inspire, and measure) their brand messaging and marketing to simplify and automate a profitable business of their dreams. I help them tell their story because “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek – and your brand should reflect that.

My superpower is taking your ideas and making them come to life.

I believe in the power of simplicity, being real rather than perfect, in taking risks and breaking rules, and in viewing everything as a new opportunity to build lasting relationships.

Let’s connect and see what dreams we can create to grow your business.

What our customers think

"Sarah was such an asset when I shifted my lending focus and started to brand and market myself to a new contact sphere. She was passionate about making sure my message/brand was clear and consistent. I highly recommend Sarah to take care of your marketing and branding needs."
Jesse Crane
Branch Manager at Guild Mortgage NMLS 880780
"I highly recommend Sarah because she is articulate, motivating, and a lot of fun! She is highly aware of market trends and bases her work on what is best for her clients and prospects in today's challenging market! "
Nancy Hubbard
Branch Manager at BankFirst Financial Services
"Sarah is energetic, passionate, and extremely dedicated to helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed. Her graphic design skills position her to provide exceptional branding and marketing advice and services. I recommend enlisting her expertise and services to anyone who wants to take their business to the next level!"
Randine Westgate
"Sarah is a very talented brand and marketing expert and team player. She took on the arduous task of wrangling a bunch of independent contractors working together and helped us come together on our ideas around branding and image. We are still a work in progress but even after we are well on our way with the foundation provided by Sarah. We intend to consult with her on future projects."
Julie Moses Meggs
Real Estate Broker at EXIT Capstone Realty
"Sarah did an incredible job on my logo. She is so talented. Her branding and marketing skills are superb. If you need a branding expert, look no further. Sarah turned into my personality and then bounced her ideas off of me. She nailed it. I appreciated her listening skills, creativity and quick turnaround time. I highly recommend her. Thanks Sarah!"
Nancy Jo Wright
Prediabetic/Diabetic Health Coach
"Sarah is knowledgeable, passionate, and extremely dedicated to sharing ideas, collaborating, and helping fellow entrepreneurs succeed."
Artesia Peluso
Strategic Account Director
"I've had the pleasure of working with Sarah on multiple design projects, she is an incredible designer and individual, I can't recommend her enough."
"I hired Sarah to help me fix up my website. She has integrity and is very communicative. Her vibes and her work ethic are very easy to connect with. She's understanding and skilled in her profession. Thank you Sarah."
Helen Edwards
Author | Speaker | Coach
"Sarah is very knowledgeable about branding and marketing. She can create a wide variety of elements all the way from a marketing campaign to your business cards. She can take a vision and turn it into a reality. I highly recommend her!"
Rachel Horton
Realtor® at Bellator Real Estate & Development
"Sarah is WONDERFUL! She is a great asset to our team. Covering everything from marketing, advertising, any graphic work we need, to help us get ahead of our competitors. Not only does she work extremely hard with great quality work, but she is also a valuable team player. If Sarah is involved, then you can expect something great to come about!"
Brennan White
"Sarah has created a whole new brand for the company I work for. She has done a great job in listening to everyone involved. After numerous changes has really done a great job! Hands down I would recommend her for anyone looking to start or even revamp their company!"
Ashley King
Director of Operations at EXIT Capstone Realty
"Sarah worked in our office for a short but very impressive stint. She was organized, professional, and persistent in her work. She was able to adapt quickly to our needs and offered new and innovative ways to track information and to streamline procedures. We wish that we had been able to keep her in the office for longer. I would gladly rehire her if it were in my purview."
"Sarah has been an excellent marketing coordinator with knowledge across all platforms. She was able to brainstorm with me and come up with ideas and most importantly, not take it personally when I didn’t agree with ideas. She is a great collaborative partner and would be an asset to any team. She also always try to think outside the box and take the extra step to make sure her work is of the highest quality and that everything runs smoothly."
"Sarah is an incredible strategic thinker and planner. She has studied the latest trends in the social media space and comes forward with valuable ideas to serve my clients. I can tell she really cares about my business and wants to help my clients get quality content to support them on their journey."
Sonja Price
Founder of Dynamo Careers
"Sarah is excellent to work with! Knowledgeable in SEO, graphic design, and web design. Incredibly organized and meets deadlines!"

"Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?"
I mean brand 😉